GPS tracking devices


These devices, the so-called GPS trackers, are the core of the function of systematically recording data across the fleet of vessels or vehicles for each business.

General description

It is a necessary tool because you know it

  • The routes and stops from the beginning of the shift to the end

  • Where your boats / vehicles are located and your partnersς

  • How many kilometres have spread and a multitude of other sensors

  • Which addresses have been stopped and for how long

  • If you go outside the desired limits, you will be able to stop them with a remote command

  • The driving behavior of the driver

  • You have a wealth of statistics / reports to help you control everything within your computer

  • You are notified by sms / email

  • Stores its location on the memory card if the signal is lost.

Its combination with the SeaΤ feet  platform is ideal as you have a fully organised picture of the data management of the tracker.

Connectivity trackers are linked by the fleet management application, where online data is recorded on all types of smartphones, tablets (android / iOS) at no cost.

Certifications GPS trackers are fully certified in accordance with international rules and provide the necessary documentation.


In case of a potential defective product, everything can happen, replaced directly by