Monitoring Platform

(Fleet Management

The GPS tracking platform (Fleet management is a web application that can operate across Europe without facilities and special requirements. It is a monitoring server that allows you to simultaneously track hundreds of GPS trackers, view their location on the map, generate reports and alerts.

The basic features of Fleet are

Friendly environment

Friendly environment

Our software includes a completely operational web application responsive to all types of devices such as mobile phone and PC desktops.

Real time tracking

Real time tracking

You can see your fleet in real time without delay. We have a variety of mapping options including roadblocks and satellite images.



Our software provides direct email notifications or SMS which can help you check cases of hard driving behaviour, the speed and the fuels , the geo-fencing and more.



Our software supports a simple history location, road trip, charts and sort reports. You can always display your data directly or you can download and export an Excel file. Moreover, the history can be displayed in the map providing visual representation

Friendly environment

Easy platform ideal for beginners: Easy platform ideal for beginners: The software is easy to use on any smartphone mobile, desktop, tablet, making it virtually a fleet control center your. The control panel of the software is structured in a user-friendly and user-friendly manner with many functions.

Create custom rules: With the Fleet management platform you can customize the rules of the game and have control of the situation. You can

  • Create fleet management profiles with more users,

  • Manage your trips at any time by setting rules that suit your needs,

  • Create sub-accounts (users),

  • Each user can only monitor the vehicles for which he / she is authorized,

  • Ability to create teams for segregating vessels / vehicles, by region or division for easier monitoring,

  • Setting the speed limit / vessel-vehicle

The Fleet management platform is adaptable to every need of the end-user and we aspire to become the right hand of each company saving money and time. It is available on mobile app (Android, IOS) to access from anywhere.

Check out the packageswe have and choose the one that suits you.

Real-time location control

(Real time location tracking)

Live Tracking across Europe: This feature is extremely important because it allows you to list your boats / vehicles, their current location, the last connection time, the coordinates, the direction their route which have followed many more that you want to see at any moment.

Notifications- Alerts

he operator or user of the corporate fleet is automatically alerted με sms, email in the event of violation of specified limits set by the company, such as

  • the speed of the vehicle,

  • its geographical position (geo-fending),

  • the temperature of the refrigerator and more

Productivity Report

Of course, you can see detailed reports about journeys, driving behavior, consumption, etc., allowing you to analyze the data and make relevant decisions to improve your services. Reports can be automated by facilitating the volume of your work.

What we offer on the Fleet Management platform

  • On-demand custom reports (for speed and position, for travel time, for stops, for viewing and route on map, technical reports such as (KTEO control, Km deviations),

  • We keep historical tracking data (tracks, stops, events …) you can draw on the map or download to CSV,

  • Recording driver performance (creating a driver profile such as sharp accelerations, speed, etc.)

  • You have the ability to export reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis,

  • You can print and send them directly where you specify.


This is all the information your business needs are shown in graphs to give you a complete view of your fleet at a glance and make it easy to compare with previous reports. Indicative statistics presented

  • Hours of travel / stop,

  • Mileage traveled,

  • Fuel consumption,

  • Acceleration speed and more

Basic Monitors