Infrastructure and Architecture

Our systems and services are aimed at businesses that want to systematically monitor their boats or vehicles by installing a GPS Tracker. At we handle all software issues with the Fleet platform in real time. The trackers we provide are state-of-the-art and easy to install so that you can do them yourself. We support our partner clients throughout the course of our cooperation and provide appropriate training where needed.

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Private Servers

Private Servers

This means autonomy

European coverage

European coverage

We all Europe tracking cover

No further cost

No further cost

Mobile services cost are included (dependent on package)

V.I.P Servers

V.I.P Servers

Now you are able to own a SeaTrack server

Guaranteed speed

Guaranteed speed

recording data in a frequency with you choose

Fleet management

Fleet management

with more users

Flexibility in use

Flexibility in use

… friendly to manage in order to see what you want

Low cost

Low cost

We encourage you to see our services

Owned Servers

Today’s businesses with increasing needs for automation of their day-to-day operations require modern computing units to support them., collaborating with the largest hosting providers such as Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, is able to provide the appropriate IT infrastructure for a business.

The services offered by Server:

  • We provide our own Servers,

  • Our servers are located in Europe,

  • Hosted in the cloud of the world’s largest and best-known providers (Google, Amazon, Microsoft),

  • We provide a host of hosting options to suit business requirements,

  • Fully compliant with the international regulations SSAE 16, ISO 27001, PCI DSS v3.0, and HIPAA, GDPR.

We use the Cloud Platform where it transforms the traditional data center by offering flexible service and service to users who want to continue working from anywhere with any device and in a secure way.

Backup Encryption

Every bank needs to keep its files and copies of database and to easy get them when they wish. The data of your company in Cloud are encrypted.

  • when they are in the internal networks of your server and

  • when they save in database boards,

  • temporaly files and security copies

European Coverage

Our services cover the whole of Europe. In real time.

  • The location of the position of your vessel (s) on the map,

  • Coordinates are instantly sent to any connected device (smartphone, tablet, desktop),

  • Drive all over Europe and control consumption by calculating travel costs (fuel, delivery times, repairs).

So you can plan the next trips / deliveries with more economy and make important business decisions if you want to expand your activities.

No additional costs

The deal with you is clear. We want solutions that will benefit your business without “hidden” costs.

We do not charge mobile telephony, therefore

  • free of charge,

  • without contract,

  • no accounts.

“Good bills bear healthy and long-term partnerships” to that we believe.

VIP Servers

You can have your own server. What does this mean and which businesses need VIP servers?

The advantages of VIP Server

  • It may be in your company’s internal network

  • Provides details of location history, travel via internet,

  • With the support of more than 140 GPS and 500+ GPS models, the SeatAck allows you to locate, send, send remote commands and create direct reports,

  • You have the option for your own GPS Tracking Server.

  • You have access to your fleet database from third-party applications

Which Business Categories Need VIP Server?

All. Companies with a large fleet of vehicles / boats / drones, etc., need large database capacities as well as companies that want autonomy.

Why GPS Tracking Server Hosting With Seatrack?

Here are the reasons to help you make the decision and have a complete Hosting Tracking Server service.

  1. Pre-installed GPS tracking software,
  2. Optimized settings,
  3. Run the GPS tracking software on your personal server,
  4. You have the flexibility and privileges of cloud computing, your fleet database from third-party applications
  5. Private IP and domain Name

6. 24/7 Support Packages and infrastructure maintainance

Check out our service packs and choose what suits you, or ask us to help you make the best choice.

Security Issues

Sometimes companies prefer to store data on their own side to have full control of access to them and clearly understand how the system is protected. Incidentally, this allows strict adherence to the General Data Protection (GDPR) Regulation, which came into force on 25 May 2018. Autonomous choice means that you are responsible for your customers’ personal data and you can manage data security or introduce new here are also companies with rigorous internal policies on data security measures. For example, companies working with government structures such as police, telecommunications, banks,

Compliance with state laws and regulations

Strict regulations on data security can be introduced directly by the government. Some countries are obliging companies to process and store all data in the country. Thus, on-premise and cloud options are virtually the only way to achieve compliance with any restrictions imposed by government agencies security measures.

Stable cost

Advanced GPS and telematics service providers or companies with their own servers and technical team consider it more profitable to be independent. Running a platform on your own servers means flexibility and complete independence.

GPS tracking software works faster

Local hosting makes software performance faster. So if a server and a user are in the same area, the delay will be lower. Therefore, the customer will use a fast GPS tracking service.

We also show you the benefits of the Seatrack system to help you come up

Secured speed

Data received from satellites is sent over a mobile network to our Server and from there online to any of your devices, whether desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • The program keeps its traffic data in memory for as long as we set,

  • Select the time you want to update on your devices per second or minutes

Being able to schedule your response time to your needs is flexible.

Fleet management profile

Create different profiles for your users and give them the authority to control your fleet.

  • The administrator (you or another user you define) can monitor the entire fleet and monitor who users manage your business vehicles.

  • Users have the ability to print reports and statistics to improve your business services and expand your business to differentiate yourself from competition.

  • Users / guides can organize their route details, fuel control and have the maintenance of their vehicle maintenance in general, thus keeping your fleet always active.

  • Each user / driver can predict when the scheduled orders will be delivered, which is very important for a better quality of service for your customers. Accuracy is professionalism and one of the most important reasons for attracting customers.

Ask us to let you know about the program management capabilities, discuss similar suggestions that we have applied to our clients, or customize your own needs.

Flexibility in use

An easy-to-use program for beginners.

  • A small show will convince you


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Low cost

… it once again shows flexibility in our service packages.

  • Customize the program that suits your business

  • The cost of our services is adjusted

  • Quality is not negotiated

  • You can make changes and adjustments

Why to choose us; Our goal is to help our clients successfully run their business supervision and “take” more while spending less. We urge you to go to our service packages.

Low cost

… it once again shows flexibility in our service packages.

  • Customize the program that suits your business

  • The cost of our services is adjusted

  • Quality is not negotiated

  • You can make changes and adjustments

Why to choose us; Our goal is to help our clients successfully run their business supervision and “take” more while spending less. We urge you to go to our service packages.