is a modern company that developed in 2017 aiming the development and share of GPS systems with server owners.

Our company is active in accordance with international standards with a high qualified staff ( computer Engineers, Telecommunication specialists ,Marketing specialists ) that proposes and implements solutions for each business of an independent size.

Our systems and our devices GPS Trackers globally approved and they can solve many problems of security. They can be applied in any boat or vehicle in every company from 1 or even 100 vehicles.

Our relationships with our clients are truthful, unique and long-term. The quality of our services and our professionalism makes the the shiniest star in the sky and wins every client.

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We are always by your side. team.

We are aiming in healthy cooperations , clean deals based on honesty and trust. We are a team with values and we are seeking the same from our clients , parteners or suppliers. We wish for long-term relationships, honest cooperation and keep of the promises. The professionalism is one way for the development of our relationaships. In that way we choose to cooperate. If you have the same point of view with us then we want to meet you and cooperate with you.

  • We are taking into consideration your needs and we think about the best solutions
  • Working as a team
  • Be honest
  • Having trust relationships
  • Dealing with the challenges

The specialized conselors with their experience and their knowledge in techology can satisfy the complex demands of the applications of a business , success in the economy status , in order to create the proper informational structure that will achieve the qualitative and quantitative aims of the company.

Aim of this company is to help our clients to rum successfully the program that can spy on their companies and to earn more while they spend less. We offer a software that gives our customers the true freedom without borders or liabilities.

We have private Servers for you to use and the povide a large amount of choices in order to serve every company with different characteristics and partictularity

  1. Easy log in to the service with ecery internet browser .
  2. Connect as many vehicles or boats as you wish to our service,
  3. Make your amendments in the deskop and compete the action.

Are you ready to see the results? Our system ownes all the important characteristics of a modern application highly friendly and truthful. The spy software GPS is compatible with more than 500 users.

  1. Reduce operating costs ( maintenance , gas comsuption , comunication costs),
  2. Differentiation from the competition,
  3. Check and security of your property,
  4. Better use of your vehicles and their routes,
  5. Increase of the productivity,
  6. Effective emergency treatment,
  7. Improvement of the service level of your clients,
  8. Low cost
  1. Automatic Updates to the Latest Software Release,
  2. Automatic backups,
  3. We check the performance of the server by providing a low number of registered devices per server and using a CPU of less than 50%,
  4. Ability to store traffic data when communication is lost and sent as soon as it is restored.

The monthly service charge depends on your needs and the pricing plan you choose.

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